Tobacco Whitepaper English

Marketing Automation for Tobacco Companies

In the production and distribution of tobacco products, the "economy of scale" is firmly anchored in the entrepreneurial DNA. After all, there is no faster-growing crop and the costs of the processing operation increase only slightly as the volume grows. So the step to automating recurring processes in marketing is not really that far either. The only disadvantage - but a decisive one - is the now extremely strict regulation of tobacco marketing and the associated significant lack of customer-specific data.

The global tobacco industry comprises a large number of highly complex business models and is undergoing massive change with the introduction of e-cigarettes. The supposed disruption through new product offerings such as electronic vaporizers brings some time to catch one's breath - but does not solve the fundamental problems of a business model around health-endangering stimulants. That's why the marketing of a classic tobacco product is fraught with pitfalls in the regulated market and in the retail environment, and the same regulations will sooner or later apply to e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Marketing automation is therefore not only a driver in the digital transformation of tobacco marketing, but also a guarantor of risk, government and compliance. Because digitally optimized tobacco marketing reaches the most profitable customers via the most cost-effective (and permitted) channels. Social listening monitoring, analytics, programmatically purchased advertising inventories, automatically adapted advertising media as well as their accurate playout and finally even data-based as well as AI-supported packagings lead to a definite competitive advantage, which sustainably turns the tobacco industry upside down.

Especially in individual international markets, it's worth taking a look at local conditions. In other words, the focus on customer experience in combination with automated packaging and advertising production holds high potential for efficiency and success.

Whether it's cigarettes in the European Union, cigarillos in DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) or tobacco marketing in the international arena: The white paper on automation in tobacco marketing not only shows the ideal way to the respective individual best-of-breed MarTech toolstack, but also solutions for efficient marketing technology administration, templating and reporting.


Please download the whitepaper here.