… gives brands a face. Corporate identity and corporate design are mandatory elements of this, while product design and product packaging are optional. The associated communications naturally also contribute just as much to defining identity―ideally, with 360° coverage.


… add value to brands: ideas as words, pictures and actions lead, via differentiation, to positioning, profiling and coding―naturally appropriately formulated and addressed to the target group(s), also implemented as classic (lead) campaigns.


... communicates relevant brand messages to light lots of little fires that eventually merge into a big, bright brand bonfire: digital and analog, directly and interactively, promoting sales―always with high relevance.


… comprises the full range of techniques for digitally cultivating and managing brands, from classic SEO across interface development to mobile apps, with everything implemented as complete solutions. We are specialised in brand-appropriately playing the social ecosphere. Our department for digital branding, “markenkarma”, devotes itself to digitally transforming brand communication processes and sales activities. We are especially good at social media, specifically for companies that run chain stores.


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