We periodically ask ourselves this question to see if we are still “on course”. By which we mean, of course, the course that we ourselves have chosen. Please believe us when we say that it isn’t our intention to launch the next creative hotshop with a huge budget in order to reap lots of advertising awards. Not at all! Rather, what has always mattered to us is creating substance to benefit our clients. In other words, the authentic, quantifiable value that a good marketing idea can add. So it’s less about running a beauty show and much more about coming up with techniques and strategic approaches that demonstrate how, in the final analysis, marketing can tangibly boost sales. And doing all this with limited resources. It isn’t rocket science to accomplish this on an unlimited budget. It’s true, however, that when you have less funding you need more of something else to make up for it. Namely, courage! (Which is what Mut means in German.) This is a proven approach. It isn’t always easy, especially if you’re afraid of failing, but it’s actually the only viable path for those who genuinely want to succeed. Like our clients.

Because our clients have been smart enough to substitute “Mut” for “budget”. (Just like we derived our name from “Markenbudget” = “brand budget”.) Even in today’s marketing communications, which are being rapidly transformed by digital technologies, our principle remains a central pillar of brand management: Courage Beats Mammon!

So in this vein: Take Mut!



Bernd Neisen and Tobias Voigt